Stockholm Stadthuset - Re-design for cuisine worthy of a Nobel Prize

For example, the Nobel Prize is awarded every year in the Gyllene Salen (Golden Hall). The building in Scandinavian National Romantic style and inaugurated in 1923 has now been carefully restored in every detail. During the course of this work, the kitchen of the banquet hall was beautifully redesigned. The highlight is the Artefactur wall décor that dominates the whole room.

The kitchen was completely rebuilt according to plans by the Arcona architectural practice (architect Pi Hedberg). In order to give the top international chefs that work there an appropriate platform, not only was the very latest technology introduced but the walls of the more than 1,000 m2 room were also redesigned. Swedish interior designers produced the design whilst specialists from Germany, namely the Merzig-based experts from the Artefactur at Villeroy & Boch Tiles, were responsible for manufacturing the tiles.

Practicality is clearly the main priority in a kitchen that creates menus for hundreds of discerning guests 300 days of the year. For this reason, a minimalist, high-tech solution was chosen for all the fixtures in Stockholm; however, the design of the walls added a completely new dimension. With the mosaic décor in various shades of blue, the room appears to open out into a wide variety of different directions. In order to exactly replicate the Swedish templates, 15 different shades of blue had to be developed and transformed into ceramics. More than 400 individual mosaic tiles sized 5 x 5 cm from the Pro Architectura range were needed per square metre in order to realise the design for the kitchen wall with its impressive perspective. In order to provide professional support for the work in Stockholm, the Artefactur experts also drew up a precise installation plan with a coordinates system that specified the exact position of each individual mosaic tile. The coding of the tiles and preparation using adhesive mats ensured that the local tilers were able to construct each motif exactly according to plan: a practical and comfortable service that proved a tremendous help for our partners in Stockholm.

The wall elements in the Stadshuset kitchen really are a credit to Stockholm’s landmark. Covering a total area of 1,300 m2 and with a 33 m2 motif, they form an impressive backdrop for established haute cuisine.

The restoration of the Stadshuset and the renovation of the kitchen were instigated and financed by the Stockholm municipal government.