Advice that finds a solution for every idea.
Artefactur experts help you develop your own unique ceramic pieces. Whether designing high-quality walls, floors or interior elements, developing an innovative room concept, installing a work of art of restoring a historical building.
The creative process.
It doesn't matter how far your idea has already taken shape, whether you only have a vague vision or a detailed sketch. Artefactur provides the necessary scope for inspiration to become a work of art. A unique piece that is demanding to implement, superbly handcrafted and of the very highest quality.
Talk to our design
experts about your ideas. 
You have individual special
requests and plans for your rooms. 
We develop alternative
design options for you.
You receive an overall
impression, created to scale.
You receive a financial
overview of your project.
We implement your room
idea according to your wishes.
The experts for ideas
Artefactur experts offer advice that is suitable for your needs and personality. As ceramic designers, architects or interior designers, they have an extremely high level of design expertise and, in consultation with designers, architects or artists, find an individual ceramic solution that really is one of a kind.
Design needs experience
Artefactur experts not only use the expertise they have gained during their artistic training but also the unique experience of the founder company: the knowledge that has been handed down from generation to generation since 1748 is invaluable when restoring historical buildings and monuments to their original splendour. Today, this expertise provides a crucial foundation for implementing creative ideas in superb quality.